All the data you need to manage your project in one software


Solution in Brief

  • Improve overall  productivity and cost effectiveness
  • Enable full visibility across project life-cycle
  • Up-to-date dashboards on project progress, financial, project risks & issues status.
  • Manage labor & material costing 
  • Monitor sub-contractors performance.
  • Report on procurement and material availability.
  • Monitor  the status of eng. & material submittals
  • Manage change orders.
  • Follow-up permits approvals.
  • Alert for submitted and received bonds renewals.
  • Monitor project sustainability and LEED rating points.
  • Integration with industry-specific Mobile -Apps.
  • Integration with planning & back-office systems .
  • Online uploads of progress photos and connectivity with live streaming cameras.
  •  Property development, launching date and pricing.
  • Support collaboration between office and field teams.
  • Web-Based solution hosted in the cloud or on-premise server.

Real-Estate Developers

CPMharmony is your solution to view and communicate with your contractor and allowing him to share project documents and updated progress information.

PMO team do not wait for contractor to send important reports, they can have full visibility and be up-to-date on the progress, timelines, budget, issues, risks, RFIs log, tracking punch list, manpower & machines resources availability.


  • Full visibility on project information
  • Tender document
  • Consulting firms agreements
  • Feasibility study document
  • Properties details
  • Project funding
  • Project life-cycle document control
  • Properties marketing & pricing
  • Dashboard - for project progress
  • Dashboard - for project financials
  • Gant Charts
  • Sustainability management
  • Schedule tracking
  • Risks & issues monitoring
  • Procurment tracking
  • Permits approval status
  • Punch list tracking
  • Archive all engineering drawing
  • Archive all submittals
  • Support team collaboration

Contracting Companies

This is the solution that you need to manage your project with full visibility and up-to-date information of all project activities.

You will be amazed in creating wonderful tools to manage your project and monitor project progress, share project document, enhance communication between office and field, increase workforce collaboration and accountability

we offer the best insider tips to track the tasks completions, workers timesheet, material use, damages, reworks and subcontractors performance,


  • Full life-cycle project management
  • Project progress dashboard
  • Bidding documents
  • Contract documents
  • Change orders management
  • QC & QA management
  • Risks & issues management
  • Subcontracts performance
  • Safety management
  • Integration with Financial System
  • Punch list tracking
  • Integration with Primavera
  • Field time-sheet processing
  • Procurments tracking
  • Sharing progress photos
  • Live Video-Streaming
  • Tasks management
  • Tasks & schedule monitoring
  • Billing and collection monitoring
  • Cost-to-complete tracking
  • Mobile Apps

Benefits of CPMharmony to construction Management

Smooth Processing

The solution allows smooth flow of information and easy access to monitor the project stats and significant real time notification for any problem or overdue task. It’s fast to double-check documents, work orders, and plans from any location, so the relevant data is always available to senior managers.

Saves Time

Today’s construction teams already waste significant time searching for data and information. construction professionals spend “35% of their non-productive activities including looking for project information, conflict resolution and dealing with mistakes and rework.” 

Unites Teams

CPMharmony enhances team collaboration and makes it easier and more efficient than ever for teams to work together.In the event of a change or critical update, the entire team can be notified at once; the impacted workers can start resolving the issue, while others can adjust timelines and schedules to reflect the pending change. 

Project Dashboards

Through online dashboard, emails, messages and  notifications.  the construction team and project stakeholders  receive relevant reports and insights, identifies the most urgent issues and those overdue tasks and potential delays.

Adds Assurance

By keeping your project data, financial information, designs, and plans and proprietary details safe in the cloud, you can get back up and running fast if something happens to your device or office.