Simple and Powerful Solution for Construction Project Management

Manage your project from bidding to handover

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Simple and Powerful Solution for Construction Project Management

Manage your project from bidding to handover

Powers Productivity & Cost-Efficient Operations

CPMharmony is a truthful digital transformation platform that drives construction business towards workforce harmonization and higher productivity cost efficient operation and full project visibility across project life-cycle. The solution allows project directors and all stakeholders to access company projects data from a single integrated system to achieve the essential visibility and proactive collaboration between the head-Office, consultants and field teams, and to complete the project within the timeline and budget of the project.

Site-Work Mobility

1- Share project mini-dashboard

2- Access project documents based on users’ role & permissions.

3- Manage resources (labor & material) timesheets.

4- Capture, tag and upload progress photos and videos.

5- Monitor/ report subcontractors’ progress. 

6- Send notification and obtain immediate approvals.

7- Conduct quality Inspection.

8- Perform safety inspection and site incidents investigation.

CPMharmony is a solution for a connected construction environment

CPMharmony is dynamic, “always-on” network providing a continuous flow of information and analytics, it connects job sites team with senior managers and consultants that enhances the team efficiency and powering construction productivity .


Both contractors and project owners – need clear visibility of all claims to The solution provides the essential transparency on the status of every claim . The claims management process provides:

  • Real-time tracking of each claim
  • Viewable anytime, anywhere
  • How far each claim has progressed
  • Access to all relevant documents for each claim

What customers are saying

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“CPMharmony proved its effectiveness in monitoring project”
Mahmoud Dumor
“Full features and easy to use, great software
Tamim Aqel
Project manager
“CPMharmony have figured it out in one place”
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Abdulrehman Jamal
Senior engineer