Enjoy the collection of premium functionalities in CPMharmony

Key Functionalities

Project Document Control

Perfect solution as Document Management System for E&C sector, handles thousands of documents with no limits, any size, any type, save documents in well defined libraries , perfect document sharing between all project stakeholders. Easy access powerful search engine, documents are accessible by authorized users based on his role and permissions.

RFIs Management

  1. Effective RFIs and clear responses are created between site engineers and technical engineers, project manager and consultants.
  2. Immediate notification is sent to intended receiver through his desktop or mobile.
  3. Analysis report is generated to measure the efficiency of team collaboration.
  4. RFIs are critical for project stakeholders collaboration and obtain immediate responses on any urgent clarification.
  5. All RFIs are communicated faster with instant users’ notification. Further analytics on the durations and timing of these logged RFIs are reported. 

Submittals and Transmittals Status

  1. Submittals are subdivided into four major categories : Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical , tracking these submittals will provide managers important information how is the contractor performing on this critical requirements.
  2. Submittals logs are maintained and the summary is prompted to manager showing the: (submitted/totals (%) , (approved/submitted(%), (approved/total (%).
  3. A dashboard is developed so that the viewer can see at glance the status of each category of submittals/Transmittals.system

Tasks Management

  1. Managing tasks is very significant tool to  track the completion of activities
  2. By this you can avoid any delay in the subsequent tasks and to prevent schedule delay.
  3. Daily reports for the overdue tasks are communicated to PM.
  4. Task creation is including: Task No., task details, task category, date, assigned to, date-to-complete, status, priority, completion %, date resolved.

Progress Photos / Videos

  1. Construction progress photos are captured  and uploaded directly into the system, each photo is stamped with date, site, location, and brief description.
  2. Progress photos & panoramic (360 degree photos) and videos for a job site can be captured and uploaded in the system to help in tracking the work progress.
Access to Job-site Cameras

Connectivity with live streaming construction cameras

Punch Lists Management

  • Sharing the status of punch lists will boost productivity and enhance accountability to perform seamless project handover within the target date.
  • the solution is providing the tool to document, and organize the needed action to fix the problems.
  • It is simple, easy-to-fill out the details of each defect with pictures.
  • The punch list is divided into work division, location, floor, room, assigned person.
  • Status report is created based on the completion status/delay for each item.

Change Orders Management

Change orders are part of the normal course of construction project, and it is one of the pain points causing disputes among contractor & the owner of the project. CPMharmony streamlines all the communication till the Approval of the variations, starting from checking the tender drawings & specification  vs BOQ quantities, the differences will be noted and quantified in a change with all the supported document attached to the change order, Managers can always refer to the system to know the status and the value of the approved and pending change orders. 

Constructions Sustainability

1- Green construction is becoming an Int’l standard to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving environments.


2- We help clients develop building sustainability in their projects. the client can  select the country-specific certification level. Goals and action plans are  determined at the start of the project.  And along with the execution of the construction the cumulative points for each goal will be collected and compared with the target points for the selected certificate, continuous notification is prompted to the project team showing the status of each goal..

Properties Management

Three Real-Estate models of development are presented in the solution:  

      1-     Residential Compound,

             2-     Residential tower,

             3-     Commercial tower,

The units details can be  uploaded into the solution For each model, you can upload all the units details   such as: unit type, location, design, floor plan, total area, selling price, launching date and availability status {available, rented, booked, sold}.

Properties Sales Management

The property  sales agent can process leasing, booking, and selling transaction from one central solution, this includes:

           1-      Lease Tracking: track lease contract, start and end date, and relevant terms.

           2-      Sales / Booking Tracking: manage your sales process, define payment terms installments, process the 1st payment and printing sales contract.

          3-      Payments Tracking: manage all collections, sending email reminders for buyers to settle the near due installments.

           4-      Properties Availability:  tracking the launch date, and the property availability.

Project Financials

All project financials are smoothly interfaced from the back-end ERP system and posted into actionable dashboards to support executive decisions. all financial documents such as contracts, subcontracts, budget, costing, billing and collections, cash-flow analysis, procurements, project assets, change orders, claims are maintained in the solution.

Empower Overall Productivity

  1. Productivity metrics are analyzed and presented to senior managers.
  2. Revenue per employee
  3. Issues cost impact
  4. Change order processing times
  5. Cost of material waste and rework
  6. Subcontractors Progress
  7. Providing essential analysis on project schedule, quality, safety & inspections, labor productivity, claims status, building permits status, RFIs efficiency and punch list status.

Real-Time Dashboard

The solution allows you to visualize project status, progress, project financial with timelines functions, timely reports on construction operations, and essential notification for immediate actions required. always you will have complete visibility and control of your project in real-time. 

Project KPIs Assessments

Project KPls such as: schedule, budget, finance, quality, safety, resources and client satisfaction are outlined as objectives and goals. Technical assessment is performed and reported in every quarter. This creates competitive comparisons between operating projects.

Billing & Collections Management

1- Invoice Tracking: CPMharmony makes it easy to know the status of your invoices are issued, submitted, approved on time.

2- Collections Tracking: Collections, deductions, retention, are all maintained and prompted in one place.

3- Accounts receivablesAR and project cash flow reports run smoothly while you focus on the real Work.

4- Estimated Revenue per Employee (RPE): is calculated and reported as a measure of workforce productivity.

Risk Management

1- Project Risk Assessment matrix is created in the solution, this includes  risk probability, impact and planned mitigation of each risk.

 2- Going further, all risks should be analyzed, evaluate the severity such as {Minimal, significant, major, catastrophic}, and evaluate the likelihood of the risk such as {unlikely, possible, probable, certain}. 

3- The solutions helps in defining and updating all risk details, risk ownership and planned response to mitigate each risk such as {avoid, transfer, mitigate, accept }

4- Risk impact on {schedule, cost, performance} is analyzed and updated.


Workforce Monitoring

1- Team collaboration tools, on-line communication (messages, emails, notifications, alerts, live chat).

2- Actionable dashboards with task status, delay in critical activities or any other delay that have schedule impact or cost impact.

3- Tracking project team time-sheets in real time

4- Reporting workforce productivity compared with standard benchmark.

5- Monitoring subcontracts resources and progress assessment.