Enjoy the collection of premium functionalities in CPMharmony


Project Document Control

Storing all project documents in one central place, and ensuring access remains after the project is completed.

Uploading project document had to be verified and approved by a senior manager. Project documents are accessible by authorized users based on his role and permissions.

Audit log is maintained to log all changes for each document.

RFIs Management

  1. RFIs are critical for project stakeholders collaboration and obtain immediate responses on any urgent clarification.
  2. A central RFIs repository is maintained and shared between project team, RFIs efficiency is monitored to avoid any delay.
  3. All RFIs requests & responses are communicated faster with instant users’ notification. Further analytics on the durations and timing of these logged RFIs will be reported as part of team collaboration. 

Submittals and Transmittals Status

  1. Submittals are subdivided into four major categories : Structural, Architectural, Mechanical, Electrical , tracking these submittals will provide managers important information how is the contractor performing on this critical requirements.
  2. Submittals logs are maintained and the summary is prompted to manager showing the: (submitted/totals (%) , (approved/submitted(%), (approved/total (%).
  3. A dashboard is developed so that the viewer can see at glance the status of each category of submittals/Transmittals.system

Tasks Management

  1. Managing tasks is very significant tool to  track the completion of activities
  2. By this you can avoid any delay in the subsequent tasks and to prevent schedule delay.
  3. Daily reports for the overdue tasks are communicated to PM.
  4. Task creation is including: Task No., task details, task category, date, assigned to, date-to-complete, status, priority, completion %, date resolved.

Progress Photos / Videos

  1. Construction progress photos are captured  and uploaded directly into the system, each photo is stamped with date, site, location, and brief description.
  2. Progress photos & panoramic (360 degree photos) and videos for a job site can be captured and uploaded in the system to help in tracking the work progress.
Access to Job-site Cameras

Connectivity with live streaming construction cameras

Punch Lists Management

Sharing the status of punch lists will boost productivity and enhance accountability to perform seamless project handover within the target date.

Project Financials

All project financials are smoothly interfaced from the back-end ERP system and posted into actionable dashboards to support executive decisions. all financial documents such as contracts, subcontracts, budget, costing, billing and collections, cash-flow analysis, procurements, project assets, change orders, claims are maintained in the solution.

Sustainable Construction

The solution is supporting the Green Building standards. templates are provided to collect Leeds, Preaam, Pearls points on every item to obtain the target green certification level.