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CPMharmony FAQ's

This is a solution for construction project management, it is a cloud-based solution, and it drives construction businesses towards workforce harmonization, project visibility across the project life-cycle, higher productivity, and cost-efficient operation.

1. The best practice of project management

2. Real-time project monitoring and visualization.

3. Effective team collaboration & communication between office and site teams.

4.Effective control of project schedule and budget.

5.Automated processes with total control and data ownership.

6. Enabling immediate notifications to make fast, accurate decisions.

7.  Single login system and easy access to centralized project documents.

8. Ultimate scalability and governance.

9.Well-defined interface with other standard ERP-Systems and Planning Programs.

  1. Higher Productivity
  2. On-time project delivery 
  3. Reduces project costs
  4. Reduces Issues and Risk time and cost Impact
  5. Monitoring budget vs actual per CSI Division/ WBS/ Task
  6. Full Access to Project Documents
  7. Improved Customer Satisfaction

The solution can be uploaded to the client-server within 30 minutes, the client basic data and project configuration will take a few hours, and depending on the number of projects and the number of users for each project, following that the site engineers and the document controller are requested to upload – drag-and-drop all the starting documents that they have and uploaded into the defined libraries of the system, the time to upload all that data (around 5000 for each project will take approx. one week or less depending on the size and number of documents.

Cloud-based construction management apps are providing significant productivity improvements on job sites. 

If you want to work and collaborate remotely, visit a Jobsite and have the details you need or even communicate with your team while you’re at a conference or on vacation, you’ll need both a mobile device and a cloud-based construction management platform to get the job done. 

nearly 85% of construction contractors use or plan to use cloud-based solutions. While this statistic is promising.  In fact, global survey cites that only 10% of contractors say they use software apps that are fully cloud-based.

The Premium level is designed to support SME contractors – business portfolio $ 1-50 million, with almost 50% of the total functionalities of the solution, it includes all the basic functions such as Project Progress information, change orders, RFis, Tasks management, Projects documents, Quality Inspections and Punch List Tracking, Procurement Status and billing & Collections Status. Enterprise Level is for the large contracting companies – business portfolio $(50 – 200) million, Corporate Level is for Real-Estate developers with full functionalities of development + properties Sales management – all versions are supported by Cloud Hosting to reduce the cost of running the system.

Project KPIs are reported base on 7 standard criteria / objectives: Budget, Schedule, Quality, Health & Safety, Financials, Resources management, Clients’ Satisfaction. these criteria can be changed by the client based on his defined objectives and goals for his project.

Although there is overlap, plain mobile apps vs cloud-based project management apps are distinctly different. The easiest way to tell the two apart is by the role they play in communication: 

Mobile computing includes the devices you use to access the internet. This could be a phone, tablet, or laptop. 
Cloud computing is the virtual storage space that holds your applications, files, and data and allows you to securely access it when needed.

CPMharmony is the solution that is designed and developed based on the two technologies cloud computing and mobile computing. 

Pricing of CPMharmony depends on:

1-The No. of On-Going projects you wanted to manage by this solution.

2- No. of Users

3- Solution Version – based on the clients’ business portfolio volume.

4- Platform: Cloud-based or On-premise servers

The annual subscription cost of  CPMharmony includes the following: 

1- Full Technical Support

2- Users Training

3- Solutions’ Enhancements

4- Any additional features  and specific requirement the client requested  can be developed and customized.  The cost of this special requirement will be quoted to client with detailed SOW Document.

This depends on the deployment or hosting method, If you select to go with Cloud-Based”

1-There will be deployment cost of $1500, this is one time license fee.

2- Monthly fee – approximately $ (150 – 200) subscription fee for hosting the solution and data.

If you select to go on-premise:

1-There will be deployment cost of $2000, this is one time license fee.

2- The cost of 2-servers with linux software + IT staff to support the operations / security and backups of the servers.

Specifically, CPMharmony is a cloud–based construction management providing the construction industry a world of benefits, making the projects that use them run smoother as a result.  It’s about the strategy and processes for managing a construction project.  

  • Saves Time

Today’s construction teams already waste significant time searching for data and information. construction professionals spend “35% of their non-productive activities including looking for project information, conflict resolution and dealing with mistakes and rework.” 

When processes are run with CPMharmony – cloud–based construction management solution, it allows teams to save significant time. It’s fast to double-check documents, work orders, and plans from any location, so the relevant data is always available to complete a task. Furthermore, it also prevents long trips to and from the office, simply to deliver a photo or check a measurement.  

  • Unites Teams

The enhanced collaboration provided makes it easier and more efficient than ever for teams to work together. Changes are tracked, and each team member or supervisor can see work progress from various stakeholders. In the event of a change or critical update, the entire team can be notified at once; the impacted workers can start resolving the issue, while others can adjust timelines and schedules to reflect the pending change. 

  • Adds Assurance

By keeping your project data, financial information, designs and plans and proprietary details safe in the cloud, you can get back up and running fast if something happens to your device or office. 

  • The dashboard layout is very useful, customized,  and adaptable to users permissions.
  • Users’ Interface is very friendly, users can have instant access to project documents, reports, drawings, and submittals.
  • Issues can be tracked in real-time.
  • Mobiles App. simplifies the work inspection and material inspection
  • Prompt immediate notification for any urgent action.
  • Allows checking on the material availability and procurements status. 
  • Most of the other Int’l solutions developed in US or in Europe  or India, they are not easy-to-use , not easy to implement, requires heavily customization on the owners side, learning curve is very complicated and needs intensive training.
  • They are very expensive solutions. few companies can afford the annual subscription and other support services.
  • Not all competitors providing Mobile  App. integrated with their solution.
  • Integration with users back-office is mostly out of their scope.

What are the benefits of the Mobile App in the Construction Project?

The CPMharmony Mobile App is a hybrid application running on both Android and iOS systems, providing the following functionalities:

  1. Enables effective communication among all project stakeholders.
  2. Capture and upload progress photos/videos.
  3. Maintain an online timesheet for each worker-group per task.
  4. Report on material issued, used, wasted, damaged, and returned to store.
  5. Capture subcontractors’ time-sheet to ensure the completion as per contract.
  6. Search and access project documents, messages, MOM, and mini-dashboards.
  7. Perform quality inspections for {Site Safety, Material, and site-work}.
  8. Conduct incidents investigation reporting.

Green construction is becoming an international standard to create healthy, highly efficient and cost-saving buildings, it creates positive economic impact  and huge benefits in the environment and climate of future constructions. CPMharmony solution enables the owners to set up the goals and action plan of construction sustainability, and selecting the system regulation and standard – country-specific – to monitor the progress in each sustainability criteria, enabling the points collection for each process.

Based on the number of points achieved, a project then becomes certified,

(LEEDs levels:  { Certified, Silver, Gold, Platinum }.

The solution is providing the template of points that had to be obtained for each process, enabling all the details of recognized systems such as LEEDs, PEARL / PRS system, PREEAM System, SA’FAH UAE/Dubai, JGBG Jordan

The solution is enabling the following features:

  1. Productivity metrics are analyzed and presented to senior managers.
  2. Revenue per employee.
  3. Issues cost impact.
  4. Site Time-Sheet for workers & subcontractors.
  5. Change order processing times.
  6. Cost of material waste and rework.
  7. Completed Quantity vs Standard Benchmark.
  8. Enhance site supervision. Monitoring the completion of assigned tasks per site supervisor.
  9. CPMharmony creates essential analysis on project schedule, quality, safety & inspections, labor productivity, change orders and approval status, permits status, RFIs workflow analysis and punch list status.
  10. Creation of quarterly, half yearly KPIs report. 

Did you know that over the past 20 years, global construction productivity has only grown 1% a year? This productivity continues to lag far behind similar industries like manufacturing (3.6%) and the economic average (2.8%).

Here are the reasons for productivity problem:

  • A lack of collaboration

Construction is one of the most collaborative industries in the world, often requiring the cooperation of hundreds of companies to successfully complete a project. This disconnect means project partners operate based on different versions of reality, using whatever data they happen to have access to—regardless of whether it’s incomplete, inaccurate, or both. It also primes teams for missing deadlines and making errors, decreasing overall productivity.

  • A lack of digitization

The construction sector is one of the largest in the world, with about $10 trillion spent on construction-related goods and services every year. It accounts for 13% of the world’s global domestic product and is expected to grow to 15% by 2020. Yet somehow, construction remains one of the least digitized industry in the world.

58% of respondents expect to see more change in the built environment within the next five years than there has been in the last 50 years. Understanding that digital transformation can result in productivity gains of 14 to 15 percent and cost reductions of 4 to 6 percent, the top construction companies are now realizing the need to fully digitize their operations.

  • Improving productivity begins with preconstruction

Preconstruction makes or breaks a project, a digitized and collaborative preconstruction process has a cascading effect that sets the rest of a project up for success.

With digitized workflows in preconstruction, you can more easily gather critical project data, allowing every partner on a project to work together to more successfully predict outcomes and automate workflows. This offers saving construction costs with accurate quantification, and improving how information is leveraged between preconstruction and the construction site.

Construction firms that are lacking in document control practices tend to experience a wide range of issues as files go missing, fail to get updated across the entire team, or end up in the wrong hands. Companies experiencing any of the following seven issues regularly should seriously consider utilizing a construction project document control system to improve workflow across the board.

  1. High Rate of Rework.
  2. Wasted Labor Time.
  3. Communication Delays.
  4. Slow Response to Change Orders.
  5. Security Leaks.

Online training material is provided,  additional training  and consulting can be arranged. You can also contact our support team for any help .

LEED Template for new constructions or renovation is provided by the system, detailing all the requirements such as : Locations & Transportation (16 Points), Sustainable Sites (10 Points), Water Efficiency (11 Points), Energy and Atmosphere (33 points), Material and Resources (13 Points), Indoor Environment Quality (16 Points), Innovations ( 6 Points), Regional priority (4 Points), these scores are collected based on the actual implemented processes in the project.